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Hello my Charmers, I hope you're ready for a wave of positive energy and a kick in the butt if you need it, to get started today, yes right now and pursue your dreams. Let's get right to it! #yourdreamlifestartshere #kristinakarlsson #motivation #lifeofyourdreams #kristinakikkik #101milliondreamers #kikkikdreamlife #kikkik

Just to explain, my passion for stationery led me to the beautiful and inspiring Scandinavian style store called Kikki.k in Covent Garden and from there it was just a short step to find out more about it's founder Kristina Karlsson, born in Sweden, living in Australia (and yes, the fact that her first name is spelled with a K just like mine, encouraged me even more!) needless to say I was charmed by her charisma after watching a few of her videos online and before you know it I took her advice on writing The Morning Pages (a method created by Julia Cameron, where you write three pages worth of your thoughts first thing in the morning and then discard them straight after). This instantly clears your mind and helps you not only become more productive, but also more creative as you have gotten rid of all the negativity and made more space for productive thoughts of a much higher value.

Creating the life of your dreams

Then my mum calls me from this wellness event she was attending, saying if I know Kristina from Kikki.k as she knows I love stationery and she's there not only giving a motivational speech, but also signing her book Your Dream Life Starts Here, asking if she should get me a copy. So yes, everything aligned and it's a shame I missed the event myself, but the message she wrote for me imprinted on my mind for good:

"Dearest Kristina, dream big and work on your dreams every single day." Kristina

A very easy and natural read, the books gives you guidelines on how to first identify your dreams and then actually work to make them happen. Consistency being the key here. Remember, to create a habit only takes 30 days! So just imagine what you can do in a year. She also encourages you to dream big, and by that I mean real big, no matter how ridiculous or unachievable it might sound.

What I love the most about Kristina is, she hasn't just developed a stationery brand of cute and colourful styles, but she took it to another level by making it all so positive with little quotes and messages for those who buy her products. Those little hints in the Kikki.k diaries give you that extra boost, that little nudge you need on a bad day. And she shows you, that it's ok to feel down, to feel like it's too much or that you can't cope right now. Just think, if it would be that easy, everyone would do it!

The magical time of 3am

And all this time I thought it's just me who finds this hour, shall I say "weird"? Don't know about you, but I'm not a morning person. On my days off, I wake up relatively late and work late to the night. I actually really love staying up late, as there's something very magical about the time after midnight, when everyone else is asleep and it's quiet and you can almost hear your own thoughts firing away and my creativity just goes through the wall, it's amazing and so empowering. So yes, 1-2am is absolutely great and then it turns to 3am and that's when I guess something inside me changes, as I hit a moment where everything in my mind suddenly becomes clear, all the excuses are gone and I see things simply laid out right in front of me. The clarity of what needs to be done to get me where I need to be is outstanding. Don't get me wrong, it used to really frustrate me, as I felt discouraged afterwards thinking why didn't I see it, why did I waste all that time doing things the long way. But in her book, Kristina showed me that this exact moment is when you should grab that notebook you keep by your bed and jot it all down. And these are the most honest notes that will guide you to your dreams.

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." Nelson Mandela

What makes you truly happy?

I do believe that deep down inside, all of us know what makes us happy, what sparks joy and lights up a fire deep inside you, what gives you butterflies, that childish feeling of pure excitement.

Take the time to stop and think and find it. You owe it to yourself. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 50 years old, do it today and write down what drives you and what your passions are and take it from there. I'm not saying it will be easy, or straightforward, there will be obstacles ahead, but at least you have started and once you get into a routine on working on your dream every single day, you'll see progress. Trust me, if a girl from a tiny city in Slovakia like me can do it, so can you. There are no limits!

This post has not been sponsored, it's just my personal opinion and what helped me.


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