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The magic of FENDI

Dive in to explore the timeless magic of Fendi designs! A luxury fashion house that opened its doors 94 years ago and showcased their AW19/20 collection last Thursday, sadly commemorating the lost genius of Karl Lagerfeld. #aw19 #mfw19 #fendi #karllagerfeld

Fendi AW19 collection: a love letter to Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld supervised every look in the collection and worked tirelessly until the last moment, focusing on every detail. This being his last collection for Fendi, one could notice small tributes to the designer everywhere, starting with Love, Karl in his handwriting on the backdrop where the models came from. Also smaller touches, such as each model wearing a low ponytail à la Karl. I personally really liked the high collared white shirts the models were wearing - also part of Lagerfeld's trademark look.

The other very noticeable detail was the Karligraphy FF logo that could be seen everywhere from models' sheer tights, to buttons and fur coats. Karl has designed this logo back in 1981 - just imagine, at this point, he'd already been a creative director of Fendi for 16 years!

"Now is not the time to be sad." Silvia Venturini Fendi

Just diving into all this history fills me with such joy, as the beauty of Karl's creations floated around us for decades. His sense of femininity and effortless style was breathtaking and his designs so wearable and chic.

My favourite was the last dress in a daffodil yellow sheer silk, but I also loved the boots that came in flashes of tangerine, scarlet and Indian pink - just marvellous! And the last touch was the broad ribbon-like scarfs that floated at the back of the coats and dresses, the ends fluttering in the wind - such a touch of romance, loved it! See all the looks from the Fendi AW19 show here.

“The bond between Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi is fashion’s longest love story, one that will continue to touch our lives for years to come." Silvia Venturini Fendi

Fendi: A fashion house of Italian luxury and Karl's vision

Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion icon, who never once contemplated retiring from the job that began seven decades ago as a studio assistant with the thoroughly Parisian couturier Pierre Balmain. The way he loved what he did and pushed the boundaries of what's possible is exceptional to me.

Also his love of the couture and les petites mains (seamstresses) and his efforts of keeping this age old craft alive for as long as possible, will never be forgotten.

During the fittings, he would interrupt his observations to politely address the seamstresses and dressmakers, explaining that the garment in front of him was not exactly like his sketch; “I’m sorry,” he would say, “but it’s a millimetre off just there . . .” Always on point, with an exception eye for detail!

Not to forget, Lagerfeld was the only designer to have two couture shows in one week, after he created his first "haute fourroure show for Fendi (and the already existing Chanel couture show).

I went through my collection of books and came across this beautifully bound book - FENDI 50 years by Steidl and wanted to share a few pictures with you. Feel free to scroll through the gallery below: