Swinging London

In my quest to learn more about fashion and it's history I dived deep into my bookshelf full of fashion titles, each one unique in it's own way, to give you my own take on the fashion era that caught my eye. #fashion #history #vogue #style #designer #swingingLondon #60s #70s

My favourite time in fashion would have to be the 60's and 70's, when freedom was experienced at every level, in both fashion and lifestyle choices. This was a world that belonged to the young and their behaviour, values and taste influenced fashion like never before. I guess I just like how open people were to express themselves through their clothes. Women embraced not only short skirts, but also short hairstyles (Vidal Sassoon was at the top of his game with his geometric hairstyles).

What I love the most about this period is the fact that conventions have been reversed and working class kids rubbed shoulders with hippy aristocrats. This didn't just happen at clubs, (don't even get me started about the magic of Studio 54, might actually do a separate blog post just about the allure of this one of a kind hotspot!) but also in jobs. Prime example being fashion photographers - where someone like David Bailey came along and basically determined a new look for British Vogue with his unparalleled photography talent. Born in London's East End, Bailey brought new subjects in front of his camera lens, such as actors, writers, musicians, but also those with newly minted occupations like TV hosts and celebrity restaurateurs. Now, that's one way to spice things up.

I love seeing change, as I do believe it keeps things fresh and exciting, making sure we don't settle.

What would be your favourite fashion period? Let me know in the comments below and for those of you who enjoy my content, please subscribe.


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