Sunshine yellow vibes

As summer sunshine is here to make every day more beautiful, I decided to dedicate this post to one of my favourite colours - sunshine yellow! Immerse yourself in the positive vibes of this gorgeous colour tone. #creativejournal #journaling #scrapbooking #scrapbook #journal #yellow #notebook #dowhatyoulove #fashionjournal #artjournal

Isn't it charming, how yellow just gently flows off the page?

You can almost feel the sunshine warmth as you look at the above journal spread.

Journaling in summer is even more inspirational than any other time of the year I think, as you feel easily influenced by all the beauty around you, especially once you're outside. As I do believe everything is suddenly more interesting and beautiful on a sunny day. Have you been on holiday or a quick city break and suddenly had a sunny day in a new place and everything smelled so fresh and the food tasted better and that chilled glass of rose was so divine? That's exactly the feeling the colour yellow brings out in me eveytime I use it.

What's even better about yellow, and this is one of the reasons why it's been my favourite colour for so long, is that it lifts your mood right up on a dull day. Or at the end of a very tough day, when you just feel like pouring your thoughts out into your journal. Write it with a yellow pen and you will instantly start feeling more and more positive, as you write your pages.

As you can see in the above spread in my creative journal, I love to mix and match couture dresses with everyday trousers paired with an A-lined coat.

When I journal, the images I use create a whole ambience and tell a story of my current mood. From blue to yellow, you can feel your mood changing, from a tropical fish to an autumn coat to my favourite Gudetama - lazy egg character.

Whatever it might be that drives you in your journaling pages, I hope you leave this post with lots of positive thoughts and a great mood!


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