London Sunday Scribbles meet up

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Ever wondered how it would feel like to meet like minded stationery lovers from around the world? Well, I was lucky enough to be part of the London Sunday Scribbles meet up last Sunday and I'm going to tell you all about it! #sundayscribbles #stationery #journaling #scrapbooking #calligraphy #london #travelersnotebook #stationeryaddict #dowhatyoulove

Sunday Scribbles - London meet up

As you all know, my love of stationery spans over a long stretch of time, so it goes without saying that I was truly excited to be part of this London "Sunday Scribbles" meet up organised by my fellow stationery addicts from around the world, who all just happened to be in London at the same time. Having followed their creative journey on social media for quite some time, the idea of finally meeting them in person was beyond thrilling. Which brings me to yet another beautiful thing about London, as it connects people from all over the world, making it so much easier to meet similar minded individuals to share your passion with.

For starters, what a great idea, creating a space to share journaling ideas, tips and tricks and favourite stationery tools. It's almost like one of those lightbulb moments of "Why didn't I think of this?"

The only downside being, I couldn't contain my excitement well, hence I left with only a few photos documenting the afternoon filled with laughter, endless chit chat and pure joy.

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The best part was, there was no structure to the meet up. So after the initial introductions, everyone just chatted away about our common hobby by sharing their own personal journaling techniques, favourite items to use, fountain pens, washi tapes, seal stamps, you name it.

The funny thing was, we didn't even get to journal much, beyond writing little notes in each others journals to commemorate this special occasion, simply because of the buzz surrounding us.

There is something so thrilling about sharing the excitement of a mutual hobby, that it makes people beam with joy and I loved looking through the journals of others and seeing how unique our personal journaling and scrapbooking styles are. It's fascinating, as everyone is different in their own way and it's beautiful.

Words can't even describe the wave of positive energy that filled the space around our table!

Everyone was super nice and helpful, as we were all on the same wave length from the moment we started talking, it was a non-stop whirlwind of excitement, sharing our stories and details about how we journal, when we started and how journaling helped us. Each journey is different and unique and we welcomed and supported each other even though we've just met for the very first time. You don't get that often, which is why I feel happy and honoured to be part of it.

So I thought I'd write this blog, especially for those of you, who are new to journaling and searching for some inspiration, or simply to spread the positive vibes as far and wide as I possibly can. So please go and check out my friends Instagram profiles as they are full of creativity and will give you a unique take on how different journaling can be:

Here is to many more positive and inspiring journal entries! Stay true to who you are and remember each one of us is unique and that's what is truly beautiful.


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