Spring fashion inspiration

The March issue of Vogue is out and that means Spring is not far away! Naomi Campbell glows from the cover and I feel more inspired than ever. #fashioninspiration #springfashion #britishvogue #naomicampbell #fashionstationery

I'm sure all of you are sick of winter now that February started and there's snow everywhere (yes, even in London, shockingly enough!) so I thought a pop of colour and fresh inspiration would do everyone good. I love the March issues of Vogue, as they are full of

and one just feels the vibrant energy coming through the images. It also inspired me to sketch more, so trying to practice every chance I get, as practice makes perfect, right?

I'm also about to finish my old sketchbook and was looking to get a new one, so let me know your favourites in the comments below. I'd like to see what you use, just in case I run out of all the new notebooks I managed to acquire over the years (confessions of a stationery-holic (yes, it's a word, go Google it :-)

But back to the point, in case you need convincing, do go out and get the latest issue of Vogue, if not for the gorgeous Naomi, the articles inside will bring back your joie de vivre thanks to the inspiring fashion advice and tips on how to get that precious energy back with some wellness tips. I'm diving in right now, you can start by browsing the images below. Happy February!


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