Fashion: Sparkle of magic and fantasy

Fashion is a world full of wonder, where the most beautiful patterns and textures of various fabrics create dreamy outfits for us to enjoy and make memories in. #fashioninspiration #fashion #style #womenswear #fashionfantasy

It's been a while since I posted anything about fashion on my blog, so I might as well go for something happy and sparkly, don't you think?

I think summer is a perfect time to take your special fashion pieces out for a stroll.

So have a look at the back of your wardrobe and take out that sparkly little handbag and wear it during the day, because why not?

Why is it that when we go away on a holiday, our wardrobe choices are more daring than at home? So let's take that holiday spirit and make sure it speaks joy for you every day or at least every weekend this summer.

Enjoy your sparkly items and make the most of wearing them.

I love colour, and with the summer sunshine, I always try to match my clothes to my happy mood and wear more vibrant tones or even neons. I understand this is not for everyone, so if you prefer a more clean look, why not pick a colourful accessory like a hair pin or a bejewelled bracelet and start there? Then all you have to do is look down at your wrist and smile!

I hope this little fashion blog entry made you smile and left you feeling uplifted and inspired. May your summer days be balmy and long and your wine nicely chilled!


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