Sketch it Saturday

What a better way to start the weekend (especially after a hectic week) than with a relaxing sketching session? And that's exactly what I did and what a joy it brought. #fashion #sketching #fashionillustration #fashionsketch #dowhatyoulove #kikascharm

I don't know about you, but every time life gets busy, I tend to treasure those fleeting moments of free time and make the most of them. I usually revert to doing things that bring me the most joy. It's also nice to just be in the moment and focus solely on what you're doing. It truly frees the mind.

Sketching for fun

Clearly, sketching is one of those things, so I thought I'd share some of my latest efforts (this is just me messing around). In this case, it's totally about the joy it brings me and not about quality or precision.

What is your favourite pastime and how often do you get a chance to get yourself immersed in it?

We should definitely try and keep more free time to do the things we love in this busy world of ours. Here's to all the creators and creatives out there!

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