Scrapbook Sunday

Another Sunday brings us to a brand new entry for my Scrapbook Sunday series, this one will be very relaxing with soft pinks and mellow greens. #scrapbooksunday #scrapbooking #journaling #fashionscrapbook #scrapbooklayout #dowhatyoulove #scrapbookideas #stationery

Soft pink hues

You can almost smell the summer off the above pages with those soft hues of pink. It makes you want to pour a glass of chilled rose! I love getting inspired while out and about and that's exactly how this spread came about. With a fresh scent from Dior Perfumes combines with some rose wine, while enjoying some weekend fun. That's pure joy in my eyes.

I absolutely fell in love with the skirt above, the combination of colours and textures is simply amazing and it looks comfy to wear as well. And my favourite flower of this season - a fresh bouquet of peonies - brings me so much joy I had to add them to my journal pages. And as the signature colour of Madame Schiaparelli was a bright pink, it went well with the overall aesthetic of this open air journal spread full of freshness and happiness.

Mellow greenery

Below on the other hand, is my second journal entry of the day with calming shades of green. As we are now in late Spring, everything is bright fresh and green and it brings me so much joy, so I wanted to capture that in my scrapbook as well.

And can we just take a moment to admire the details on the green silk skirt below? What a beautiful fashion statement for summer. Plus, Yves Saint Laurent always knew how to make his pieces feminine and soft, so it goes well with the theme of summer womenswear.

Hope you will have a chance to re-connect with nature this summer, for some relaxing time away from the city. Wishing you all a happy Sunday!

And as for the start of a new week tomorrow, here's my motivational quote for the day, as I think it's really moving and truthful:

"6 months of focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life. Don't underestimate the power of consistency and desire."

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