Scrapbook Sunday

Hello my Charmers, hope you had a lovely weekend full of creative inspiration and positive vibes. Today, I'd like to share my fashion sketch/scrapbook journal with you. I hope it finds you well and gives you inspiration for your own pages. #scrapbooking #scrapbook #scrapbookideas #journaling #stationery #scrapbooklayout #scrapbooksunday #dowhatyoulove

My absolute favourite of all my Traveler's Notebook inserts has to be my fashion scrapbook, as I love putting in different sketches and layering them with either washi or stickers, or even additional sketches of random accessories like shoes or earrings. It's so much fun and the options are endless. Sometimes I leave the sketches black and white, other times I add some more colour, depending on my mood.

I think we all go through phases, for me, there was an initial phase of sketching combined with an overall fashion illustration obsession, then I moved onto mood board style spreads, where I would choose a certain theme to go on, or set a colour scheme. Those are always fun, simply because they are more abstract and you can really let your imagination run free.

The great thing is, as you collect different stamps, stickers and washi tapes over time, you can then use them even more often, as your style changes and evolves and with it the variety of materials you use changes as well.

It's funny how sometimes even flipping through the older pages of your journal inspires you again. I was cleaning up the other day and came across my box full of snippets from fashion magazines and some of my old sketches and prints. It was amazing, because it gave me so much inspiration, just when I need it the most.

So make sure you keep your eyes open to new ideas and don't be afraid to try new things, play with different styles and textures of materials you use.

What are your top favourite spreads in your journals? And what's your favourite theme? Let me know in the comments below as it would be great to hear your ideas.


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