Scrapbook Sunday

Hello my lovely Charmers, I can't believe another Scrapbook Sunday is already upon us. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend full of laughter and joy! Here is something special for my Scrapbook Sunday series. #scrapbooking #scrapbook #scrapbookideas #journaling #stationery #scrapbooklayout #scrapbooksunday

Kika's Charming Monsters

Yes, I did mention today is a special one, as I started to be drawn towards cute fuzzy creatures, so let's call this volume of Scrapbook Sunday series "Charming Monsters" as these cute little beings would probably come from the same place that my creativity comes from, which is a land of sunshine and rainbows, with fluffy butterflies and bright coloured plants dancing in the wind, with all the creatures living in perfect harmony, where the world would be pure happiness filled with laughter and joy over each and every minute spent together with friends.

Change your attitude

I love keeping this childhood side of me alive, nourishing it as often as I can, as it makes me appreciate the simple things in life, which we adults so often forget about. Yes, it might be tough to be a grown up, yes there is plenty on your mind and yes, the world isn't always a bright happy place, BUT your attitude is everything and it can also change how you look at things and that's where I wanted to go with today's Sunday Scrapbook series blog post.

I hope I managed to channel these positive vibes onto you through my scribbles, as there should always be moments of that child like pure joy you felt so often when you were little. So dig deep and find it, rekindle your passion and start working on it today. However small, a start is a start!


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