Scrapbook Sunday

Hello Charmers, I hope you're having a lovely weekend full of sunshine and you're feeling relaxed and inspired. Welcome to the second volume of this new series here on Kika's Charm! #scrapbooking #scrapbook #scrapbookideas #journaling #stationery #scrapbooklayout #scrapbooksunday

Where to start

Today, I wanted to show you an easy way to start scrapbooking, so that you don't end up feeling put off by how much there is to it. I know some people out there create elaborate 3D designs that take your breath away and make you think you might never be able to do that. Well, not to worry, today is your lucky day! Simply because I will show you a lazy way of starting a scrapbook.

How to feel inspired

As Sundays are usually very relaxed in our household, I just thought simplifying might go a long way for someone new to this. Hence this post! Have you bought the weekend papers? Or perhaps you have a pile of magazines stacked up on your coffee table? There is your source of inspiration. Take them and a pair of scissors and get to it. Start by cutting out every picture you like, some might spark a memory or inspiration in where you'd like to go next on holiday or an item you want to purchase or a positive colourful piece that speaks to you. It doesn't have to make sense, just go with your first instinct.

How to organise your first scrapbook page

Once you have a pile of scissorings in front of you, go through them and group them either by interest or simply by colour. This will allow you to create themed scrapbook pages and will make it easier to start. Then simply pick the pile that speaks to you the most and try arranging the pictures on one page. This doesn't have to look neat, here is an example of mine:

How to decorate

Now glue these on in the layout you prefer, then take a coloured pen and start doodling around it, little hearts here, stars there, a smiley face in the corner, a bouquet of flowers in the middle. Set your mind free as there are no limits. If you have any washi/masking tape - these are great for the edges of your pictures and add a pop of colour. Stamps are great if you want something quick or can't draw that well. You can also use stickers, which are cheap and easily accessible. Then for the perfectionist in you, there are different variations of stencils to add that extra pro look to your pages. Have a look at The Journal Shop (my personal favourite for my stationery needs).

I'm sure over time you will find what suits you best and scrapbooking will help you unwind and relax. Wishing you all a happy rest of the weekend!


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