Scrapbook stationery haul

I thought I'd make today a bit different and show you my latest stationery haul, full of fun bits I either bought myself or got gifted by my fellow stationery loving friends. #stationery #stationeryaddict #stationeryhaul #journaling #scrapbooking #dowhatyoulove #travelersnotebook #leuchtturm1917 #theoldprintworks #makerscabinet #hovel

Best to start with the big one that I ordered a while back all the way from Germany's Leuchtturm1917. It took me a bit longer to decide on the right notebook, as they have so many options of not just the beautiful colours of their covers, but you can also customise the inside pages as well as the outside cover and size. At the end I chose the medium sized dotted hardcover journal in port red and what a beauty it is (even more in person than online). And I can't possibly find the right words to describe how exciting starting a brand new journal is! So many possibilities - I already started a dedicated journaling Pinterest board, as I had so many ideas.

And such is the beauty of journaling/scrapbooking as it gives you time to look inside and remind yourself of what you like and what sparks joy for you.

It's great to embrace the start of a new journal and feel the creative juices flowing.

I also love using the HØVEL pencil for my fashion sketches (pictured above), which I got gifted from the founders of Maker's Cabinet, who are very talented in their craft with extraordinary attention to detail and durability of their items, so be sure to check out their website and Insta page, as you'll find many of their products very useful on your creative journey. I'm eyeing their brass HØVEL pencil sharpener next, as it truly is an exceptionally beautiful piece!

As you can see on all the pictures above, there is so much in this stationery haul to be excited about. The bits I love the most are the ones gifted to me by the lovely group of people from our London Sunday Scribbles meet up (read my blog about it here) - from intricate and beautifully detailed pieces for scrapbooking, limited edition fountain pen ink, unique washi tapes and stickers, Traveler's Notebook inserts, a vibrant pencil case and colourful pencils, notebooks and personalised cards, I can't even finish listing them all and to be able to use them in my brand new journal is truly invigorating. Of course I'll also keep adding to my creative Traveler's Notebook journal, which I'm sure you've seen in my previous posts. It just brings me so much joy sharing these beautiful pieces with you all.

I am beyond humbled by all these precious gifts from everyone at the London Sunday Scribbles meet up.

And let's just say, thank goodness I took all these pictures right after I got them, as I've already used half of them in my journals (but more on that in my future posts).

And in case you are intrigued by the two cute metal stamps above - I got these at the Picadilly market and couldn't be happier with them. The stamp stand came recommended by my dear friend Harry, who came across the market on his last London visit and I suggest you all go there in person, as the gentleman manning The Old Print Works stand is beyond helpful. As these are my first metal stamps, I truly treasure them (just the fact they had a Hello Kitty in their vast collection is beyond amazing!). You can also find The Old Print Works on Instagram.


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