Scrapbook Journal: Summer inspiration

Summer is a delightful time of the year when the longer days give us enough time to rejoice in those simple moments. #scrapbookjournal #creativejournal #journaling #scrapbooking #scrapbook #journal #dowhatyoulove #kikascharm

What is it about summer that makes us smile more often and get more done in a day?

This new journal spread represents all that summer is to me. Long evenings outside, wearing sandals and getting lost on that weekend city break, taking time to eat your breakfast croissant, while admiring your surroundings, or journaling in a new café.

Summer is about those cool cinema experiences, watching movie screenings that take place outdoors is somehow more fun. Train tickets that you purchased last minute with your friends for that random trip to the beach on a Sunday when you had nothing better to do.

This journal spread is about being spontaneous and enjoying the little things in life.

Laughing with friends, tasting new foods and simply catching up over a chilled glass of wine. Here is to a great summer, making memories and remembering those unforgettable moments full of joy.

In case you're stuck and need some inspiration, here's a lovely Pinterest page full of ideas.


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