Male Monday - Summer Festival Edition

Summer weather is officially here and with it the summer festival season. Here's my guide on how to stand out and look cool and comfy at the same time. #menswear #mensfashion #fashion #malemonday #style #streetstyle #menstyle #festivalstyle #festivaloutfit

Hello gentleman and welcome to the latest of my Male Monday series. I thought it would be great to concentrate on festival style outfits for men today, as the festival season is upon us. So I did a bit of research and below is what I'd consider my top ideas to get festival ready, feel comfy enough to enjoy yourself, but also stand out a bit more in the crowd. I think events like this are a great time to experiment with your look and try something new and more out of your comfort zone.

Layer your outfit to be ready for anything

As we all know, things happen at a festival and any outfit can get ruined within the first hour. It's the magic combo of beer, sweat and mud, isn't it? Plus, with British weather being known for sudden showers, my first tip would be to layer your outfit - this will come in handy for any impromptu outfit amends, no matter if they are due to weather or alcohol.

Keep your outfit lightweight, with a classic white t-shirt with an open floral/printed style button shirt over it or a shirt with a bold statement on it, paired with a jacket.

Sturdy footwear goes a long way

Especially when you're spending the whole weekend at one location, dancing non-stop - comfy and sturdy footwear is the key for you to enjoy yourself. So even if you opt for shorts, make sure your boots stay on - I really like the more relaxed approach of not lacing them up fully, for extra comfort when you're on your feet for hours. Rusty browns and black colours work best.

When attending a festival somewhere more tropical, slip on shoes are a great alternative.

Have everything that matters with you

As tents are not the safest of places to keep your valuables, make sure you carry your essentials in a smaller backpack. Easier and more relaxed option would be the ever so popular bum bag, which elevates your look straight away, especially when worn cross body.

Sunglasses are your best friend

First of all, they instantly make you look more relaxed and cool. But they also have other advantages, when you're feeling a bit more fragile the next day or help hide those dark circles under your eyes on the final festival days. Your best bet would either be a brightly coloured frame or mirrored shades, just make sure they suit your face shape, so you can keep on wearing them for the rest of summer. Wayfarers and aviators typically are the most favourite choices, but round mirrored sunglasses usually go with most face shapes.


After sunglasses, hats are also quite popular. Again a very practical and sensible choice to shield you against the sun or make sure longer hair stays out of your face. It can also be a great addition to your outfit, especially if it's a brighter coloured cap or a fedora hat in a neutral colour. As long as you stay away from bandanas, you should be fine.

Don't be shy to accessories

It's a festival after all. Get some bracelets and necklaces and layer them up. Menswear accessories are all the rage now and will help you achieve a more bohemian look.

If you don't have time to go to stores to do your festival outfit shopping, no problem at all. They have a very inspiring collection online at Boohoo as well as plenty of summer outfit inspiration over at Asos.

Have fun and enjoy the summertime!


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