Male Monday: Mens Fitness Apparel

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Let your presence do the talking

Ladies are certainly not the only ones in need of stylish and comfortable gym wear that fits well and looks great. I do believe, that looking your best even when exercising, makes you feel better about yourself right away and trust me, that shows. So let's have a look at my top picks of fitness apparel for men.

After doing some research, I noticed that there is a new wave of high performance workout wear for men, that will keep you feeling comfortable even after an intense workout session. After all, workout clothes should also help you perform at your best. Here are some things to consider before your next purchase:

  • Type of activity - consider what kind of workout is your most frequent/favourite and buy items that will help you perform this activity even better.

  • Material - as you'll be sweating a lot, considering if the workout gear is easy to wash is a huge help. Pay close attention to the material, as well as how well it's made, as flimsy clothing, that won't endure the frequent washing machine cycles will have to be replaced more often.

  • Multi-purpose - if you can also see yourself wearing that new tracksuit while lounging at home, even better, as it truly justifies the purchase if it can be used for more than one activity.

My top choices for mens fitness apparel:

  • Best for runners - Wolaco - I love their products as the founder is a sportsmen himself which certainly shows. He created fitness apparel that is designed to adapt to you and whatever activity you choose to do. Have a look at their shorts - they will endure a lot and make you feel comfortable, no matter what type of exercise you do.

  • Best for dispelling odours - Rhone - made specifically for men with a design that brings together a seamless combination of fit, form and function.

  • Best for sprinting - On - Swiss performance brand, quite easily the best shoes on the market, as they certainly don't compromise on cushioning or impact protection.

  • Best for cycling - Le Col - this is what happens when the design team obsesses about every single detail and then they go out and try and test it in all possible conditions before the style gets released. Very innovative fabric for cycling enthusiasts.

  • Best for training - Lululemon - for those who visit the gym every now and then, but still want to feel comfy and stylish. This is a great choice with sweat proof fabrics, cool colours and the best thing is, you can easily spend a lazy weekend at home lounging in these outfits.

  • Best for Yoga - Ohmme - their Ohmme Apparel Dharma pants were designed specifically for men who practice yoga. Not just easy to move in, but they will also absorb your sweat right away thanks to their quick dry and low-level absorption tech, meaning moisture will just evaporate as you move through your favorite yoga sequence, making your practice as sweat-free as possible.

  • Best for chill - SculptMode - their SculptMode joggers are the most comfortable for any type of exercise. The team behind the brand worked with yoga instructors and athletes to assist with their design, incorporating a whole caliber of tech fabrics.

I hope my list of ideas inspired you and will make you want to hit the gym in style!

Side note, this article has not been sponsored by any of the above brands, it's just my personal view.


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