First day of Autumn journaling

Welcome to Autumn! As today is the first day of my favourite season, I thought creating a special spread in my journal would be the best way to celebrate, so come with me to get inspired. #journaling #scrapbooking #kikascharm #stationery #fashioninspiration #autumnfashion

Now that summer is officially over, we all miss the lazy days of relaxing somewhere by the pool, but autumn still has lots of lovely balmy days on offer and evenings for some last minute al fresco dining with friends and many nice journaling spots to enjoy your cup of coffee with.

What is your favourite thing about autumn?

For me, the perfect moment would be admiring the autumn foliage, while sipping on a cup of delicious hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. It's the cooler weather that makes me more productive and gives me more energy to be more creative in my free time and therefore I can easily fill my evenings with pure joy.

That's why I chose to combine warm reds and vibrant greens of the english countryside on this autumn themed spread.

I love wearing big woolly jumpers and layering my outfits.

I also love how my outfits change the colder it gets. It starts with a trench coat, as here in London we get more and more rain this time of year. So you put the collar up as the wind swishes past you. Then you take the gloves out and add a nice thick scarf, don't you just love autumn wardrobe?

Here's to all the Charmers out there who are like me and love this time of year. Enjoy the changing colours of the leaves, have another hot beverage, whatever it might be and smile at a stranger, it might just make their day!


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