Fashion Journal inspiration

This one is for my fellow fashionistas out there, as I added a couple of very stylish pages into my art journal the other day and thought it would be fun to share them with you all. #fashionista #fashion #journal #journaling #sketching #chanel #vogue #dianavreeland #stationery #fashionbooks

I love the above spread so much, it is not only my favourite pastel colour palette, but it also includes Chanel sketches from Karl Lagerfeld, as well as that absolutely gorgeous and intricately embellished coat. It's such a beautifully therapeutic experience sitting down to journal or to style some art or fashion pages, as your mind slowly drifts away and your creativity sets you free.

Choosing the designs to put on my pages is an endless process of elimination, as Pinterest is full of images that entice your mind and wildest fashion fantasies, the trouble is choosing just a few to include in your journal pages.

My inspiration for the above layout was summer, which you can see from the ocean blue colours paired with soft shades of pink. I love the lightness of the pink chiffon dress, as the almost transparent fabric adds that summer freshness to the outfit. I also enjoyed the contrast of summer vs autumn by featuring the beautiful coat on the opposite page.

You can tell the above spread has a totally different feeling from the previous one, with deep reds and darker blues. I adore getting to know more about the fashion legend Diana Vreeland every chance I get, as I always learn new things about her skill set and personality. Such a shame we hardly get people like her in the fashion circles nowadays, as working alongside her must have been a phenomenally creative experience.

I hope you enjoyed my fashion pages and let me know what you would like me to feature next. Have a great weekend!

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