Creative Scrapbook: forest greens

Sun is out and we naturally tend to spend more time outdoors in the nature with greenery all around us. Get inspired by my new green themed journal spread. #scrapbook #creativescrapbook #stationery #vogue #fashion #style #journal #scrapbooking #dowhatyoulove #kikascharm

There's something very serene and calming about the colour green. From fashion catwalks at Versace to a peaceful afternoon walk in the countryside, green is rejuvenating on every level.

I hope you will end up feeling inspired and energised after reading my new blog entry.

This time I went for a colour theme, as green makes me feel more relaxed straight away. Putting together this journal spread, I felt at ease. It combines a beautiful fashion couture dress and mixes it with a girl lounging in an armchair with a book on a sunny Sunday afternoon. With a quick sketch of my Nespresso cup. I love pouring my thoughts straight onto the page, even if it's just via pictures of simple sketches. It's all very personal to me.

Wherever you might be, a summer lunch al fresco in the shade of your back garden or by the vineyard in Provence, both represent summer bliss and moments like these create memories that will take us through those long chilly December nights.

That's what journaling means to me, to catch those memories and put them down on paper, so they last just that bit longer or helps us dig out those happy thoughts on days when we need it the most. So I do hope these pages do just that for you.

So grab yourself a refreshing drink and be creative in whichever way, shape or form you enjoy the most.


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