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I planned on writing a blog about Karl Lagerfeld and his influence on the world of fashion, but it ended up being more about what we can learn from a creative genius like him. #karllagerfeld #cocochanel #fashion #designer #kaiserkarl #ripkarl #inspiration #motivation #dowhatyoulove

Ranked alongside the greatest in the history of fashion

Karl Lagerfeld's influence on the world of fashion was without a doubt immense. Karl was a mentor, maestro and magician of fashion, yet also a talented illustrator, photographer and publisher.

I just finished reading the beautiful tribute issue of Harper's Bazaar and couldn't help but feel inspired and honoured to have lived at the same time as this extraordinary human, simply because of the waves of endless inspiration he's thrown at us to marvel at. And I'm not just talking fashion, but also books, history, photography, any creative medium really.

The volumes of his work speak for themselves and it's truly magical to see how much can one accomplish within 85 years. Karl Lagerfeld carried on working, not because he had to, but because he loved the creative process so very much. So the best thing to take away from this?

Make the most of everyday, create and enjoy, have fun with it and you never know what can inspire you next!
His imagination had no boundaries, his vision always timeless, his curiosity never-ending.

There is so much we can learn from the way he lived his life and by all the things that inspired him. Just imagine, what would it be like to see the world through his eyes?

Inspiration and joy is everywhere - look for it

What I love the most about other creative people, is that their learning process is never ending. Therefore they are open to new things straight from day one, which leads the doors of their imagination open to new experiences, adventures, skills or ideas.

Just think about how many talented people came and went before us, they went through there fair share of experiences and made their fare share of mistakes we can learn from. So take that book you always wanted to read off the shelf, immerse yourself in the world of your imagination and think, what if there were no boundaries of time and money, what would you do and how would you go about it?

The opportunities are endless as there are no limits, only those you set yourself.

Dive into your childhood self, that carefree feeling of joy and pure happiness you felt when your face lit up with excitement about experiencing something new, something you've never done or you haven't tried yet. How did it feel? Exceptional, right? Savour that feeling and find it again. Ignite that fire within and set yourself free to think outside the box and explore new avenues of opportunities that present themselves to you.

And before you know it, you might just find something that you buried inside for so long, you almost forgotten how important it was to you and how much joy it used to bring. So find it, dust it off and try again.

No it's not too late, now is the time to do it and do it right.

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