Art Journal set up guide

Thinking about setting up an art journal or a scrapbook/mood board for your next project? Here's my guide on how to get started and where to find inspiration. #journal #artjournal #scrapbook #moodboard #stationery #dowhatyoulove #stationeryaddict #journaling

I know that blank pages of a journal can be pretty daunting and you might even have moments where you feel stuck and uninspired. But with summer almost upon us, a burst of fresh colour is always a good way to start.

Not sure what to write about today? Not a problem at all!

Log into Pinterest and start a new mood board. I usually do this when I have a bit of time either while travelling or on my way home, or simply while waiting in line for a coffee. Even a few minutes at a time can spark ideas. Plus, the added bonus being that you instantly feeling better after selecting some summer beach type of shots or saving a beautiful outfit.

The next step would be to select pictures that either go together by theme or by colour (as you can see above, ocean blue was a way to go for me that day). Once you have your pictures, try and lay them out on your pages to see what would the best placement for them be. Once they are glued on, get some coloured pens and add a touch of your own creativity.

Tried sketching, but you're not happy with the results?

Just try it again in your sketchbook and once you're happy with it simply cut it out and glue it into your new journal (see the above lady in a blue coat? Yes, there is another one underneath!)

Same goes for details like your picture layout. Even smaller gaps can be easily filled with one of your favourite quotes for that extra inspiration. There is something instantly uplifting about writing your thoughts down, but when you're in a rush, an encouraging quote will do the job nicely.

I personally love combining various fashion sketches or closeups of outfits with other, not so relevant bits of either anime or something like a calming scene from a cafe (see below).

I wanted to show you a close up of my way of creating new pages in my journal, as I hope it will be inspirational for you to see the unfinished product. I love the process of journaling and especially taking my time with new spreads, as there is always more you can add into it at various times of the week.

Happy journaling, my Charmers!

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