Updated: Jan 26, 2019

The new series on Netflix captures the last 7 days before the Chanel SS18 Haute Couture show, come with me on this thrilling journey

I just had a chance to sit down and watch the Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show documentary, as it's one of the Netflix Original series called 7 Days Out. I'm always up for some hidden behind the scenes from the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. And he sure didn't disappoint! Full of witty remarks and creative details from the 5 couture houses Chanel works with, this is a documentary meant for all the fashionistas out there.

The theme for Spring-Summer 2018: French garden

“Vision so full of light, it's transformative. It makes you feel uplifted and empowered. It's a dream realised.” Amanda Harlech

The theme for this collection was Jardin (Garden) so imagine pink, powdery hues of roses, grey and beige combined with frosted lemons (as Karl called it) which instantly creates a light and feminine mood. Karl lets you daydream in an ambience where anything is possible and suddenly the world isn't so dark and full of drama, but rather a happy place full of positive outlooks and hope.

Amanda Harlech: muse to the House of Chanel

"British girls like Amanda are full of eccentricity and irreverence and invention. They have class — perhaps from another time — but they are never ‘classic’. They have a spontaneous, natural elegance in the way they move, the way they dress and the way they talk.” Karl Lagerfeld

As Chanel's creative consultant, she helps Karl translate his creative vision. Born and bred in England, she travels back and forth to Paris and also works alongside Karl for his collections for the Italian house of Fendi. I loved her involvement in this documentary as through her narrative she pulls you into the actual story and passionately explains the whole process of preparation and hard work that goes into a production of such haute couture show.

Virginie Viard: Karl's right hand

“There is no second option. I know exactly what I want and what I don't want.” Karl Lagerfeld

As Chanel's fashion studio director, Virginie has one of the most important roles - she chooses the outfits for models. Based on their overall look and personality, it's crucial to pick the right girl for the right dress, so they complement each other perfectly. Altogether this collection had 68 handcrafted looks. The models and their dresses will then be presented to Karl for a final check 2 days before the haute couture show takes place. This is also the time the studio photographs are taken and any last minute adjustments are made.

Get Inspired

Overall, I really enjoyed this documentary and I feel very inspired by it. It was visually pleasing and the details of the dresses the petite mains had to sew on for hours by hand are exquisite and I am so glad to see that couture houses still exist to this day!


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