1920's Fashion

Who doesn't like a bit of Great Gatsby extravaganza? Here's a closer look at the era of glamour and endless parties. #1920s #fashion #greatgatsby #jazzage #style #glamour #scottfitzgerald #roaring20s

Seems like even those who didn't read F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby book from 1925, have become familiar with it thanks to Baz Luhrmann's movie that came out back in 2013. When Tiffany announced they will design the jewellery Carry Mulligan wears in the movie, everyone knew we were in for a sparkly treat! And who can forget the opulent party scene, when the camera just zoomed around the grand hall. Truly a visual perfection.


As for fashion, by the 1920s the restricting corset had been abandoned by younger women and a more boyish figure emerged. The modern woman wanted accessible and practical clothing and opted for cropped hair, which looked extremely chic with a close-fitting cloche hat. For most of this decade, low-waisted dresses extended to mid-calf, revealing women's legs for the first time in hundreds of years. Talk about a revolution!

I think this also had to do with the fact that women got the right to vote and finally worked in areas that had previously not been opened to them. So naturally, more women wanted to also study at colleges and universities and wear something more comfortable.

The iconic twenties image is usually of the flapper, with short sleek hair and knee-length shapeless shift dress, a reckless rebel dancing the night away - but the real heyday of the flapper was around 1926-28. The reckless spending and endless parties came hand in hand with the nouveau riche that emerged at the scene around this time, as the booming economy in America now saw the number of millionaires rise.

It's amazing how you can still see a knee-length shapeless shift dress on the streets today in 2019. Here is some inspiration on how to style it.


The essential part of a man's wardrobe was a tailored suit - often with matching waistcoat and worn with a brightly coloured shirt and accessories. The suit was acceptable throughout the day, since the tailcoat had become old-fashioned except for very formal occasions. For casual wear, knitted waistcoats and pullovers were particularly popular, sometimes teamed with knee-length trousers and long socks.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the 1920's fashion and you found some inspiration in it. What is your favourite fashion decade?


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